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WHAT IS ValgoSocks?
The ValgoSocks socks were developed in the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Created by scientists and leading German orthopedists, the ValgoSocks socks account for all aspects of the foot biomechanics.

The main difference of this product is that it aims not only to straighten the big toe, but also to fight transverse platypodia. So the ValgoSocks socks fight both the “bunion” and root cause of its growth.
for the growth of the bunion Hallux Valgus?
More than half of the people around the world experience bunions. Also, many people believe that it is gout and results from calcination and bad metabolism.
This view is wrong. The pain near the big toe is due to the deformation of the foot – transverse platypodia that results in the flattening of the metatarsal bones (expansion of the front of the foot) and the deviation of the big toe inwards (valgus deviation).
  • reliable stabilization
  • Metatarsal padding
  • Toe band
  • ValgoSocks help the foot return to its natural form, protect it and eliminate painful swelling.
  • The corrector straightens constrained and deflected soft parts of the main joint of the big toe and corrects ongoing deformation.
  • The special ValgoSocks structure, with metatarsal padding and toe band, ensures that the foot is stabilized and the load is regulated.
  • Using the ValgoSocks socks, the foot deformed by a bunion can move naturally and painlessly.
  • Effective against transverse platypodia, which commonly accompanies big toe deformations.
The product is sold in original packaging with a unique registration code!
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Why ValgoSocks is better than other products
other products
  • Produce only a temporary effect
  • Fully or partially stabilize the joint, limiting its movement
  • Only slow down the joint deformation process
  • Are limited in terms of use and do not fit all shoes
  • Expensive, may cause discomfort during use
  • Ensure stable and long-term effects
  • Do not prevent joint movement
  • Prevent further joint deformation
  • Work 24 hours a day, fit most types of shoes
  • More affordable and easier to use than most similar products

Have already rated the benefits of our ValgoSocks socks
  • Aileen, 34 age
    I have done sports ever since I was a child. For this reason, I have foot problems. Lately, I can’t even wear my favorite shoes because of the bunions growing on my feet ((( On the advice of a friend, I used the ValgoSocks innovative corrector. It’s a wonderful correct and the results are just great. In one month, my joint recovered its form and the pain went away.
  • Dana, 45 age
    I suffered from the bunion on my foot for more than 7 years and during this time my experience was that no medicine helped. Wearing the ValgoSocks orthopedic corrector every day produced the best results so far. These socks are very easy to use, alleviate the burden when you walk, and don’t constrict movement in any types of shoes. Just 3 weeks later, the bunion was so much better!
  • Penelope, 48 age
    I have a bunion on my right foot. I’ve tried everything: I started with massage, physiotherapy, but nothing helped. Everything changed after I discovered ValgoSocks. Compared to what I spent on my treatment, this corrector is so cheap, but you can see results in just two weeks! Very comfortable. I haven’t seen a better orthopedic product yet!
WHAT WILL YOU GET from ordering ValgoSocks?
  • Healthy, beautiful feet
  • Without doctors and surgery
  • An effect that will stay with you forever
  • An effective result for a minimal price
  • 1980руб.
  • 990руб.
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